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Lavender Goat Milk Soap


135 g

The addition of skin soothing goat milk produces a soap with a rich and creamy lather which is extremely gentle yet unbelievably nourishing. Scented with soothing lavender essential oil.

99.9% natural – cruelty free

Key Ingredient Benefits:

Goat Milk: Loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins such as B1, B6, B12, C, D and E that are absorbed into the body to feed the skin, goat milk has been used for centuries to soothe dry and damaged skin.

Lavender Oil: Used since ancient times and still the world’s most popular essential oil today, lavender oil is renowned for its antibacterial and calming properties.

In stock

Ingredients: Pure olive oil, coconut oil, purified water, sustainable palm oil, goat milk powder, organic fair-trade shea butter, castor oil, sodium lactate, ultramarines, iron oxides, lavender oil.

Shipping Details

Weight 4.5 oz
Dimensions 7.62 x 2.54 x 10.14 cm